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The Town of Greenfield Historian’s office is located in the Town Hall. Visitors are always welcome.

Ron Feulner is the current historian and Joyce Woodard is the current deputy historian. Along with a team of volunteers, they are working to organize and digitize an extensive collection of photos, early vital records and newspaper clippings.

If you are doing research, have items that you wish to donate to our collection (especially family histories and photos), would like to volunteer, or are just interested in local history, please contact us or drop in on Wednesdays.


The Greenfield Fire District provides a variety of emergency services to our residents, as well as safety training and fire protection.


North-South trail across lands that would become Greenfield

Used for travel between Canada and Mohawk Valley.


Kayaderosseras Patent being negotiated

Land purchase agreement between Mohawk Indians and English investors. A small portion of this purchase would later become the Town of Greenfield.


Kayderosseras Patent lands surveyed

Patent lands were surveyed and subdivided for sale, however, military unrest results in no white settlements. Photo from Wikipedia.


Preston Denton

Preston Denton from Duchess County reputed to have been first white settler on lands that would become Town of Greenfield


Anthony Haggerty and Thomas Root

Anthony Haggerty and Thomas Root reputed to have settled in vicinity of Greenfield Center (Haggerty Hill section)


Gershom Morehouse

Gershom Morehouse from Conn. builds grist mill and sawmill near lower bridge section of Middle Grove. Morehouse, a skilled millwright, builds several mills in the Town of Greenfield during his lifetime.


Charles Deake Sr. (Dake)

Charles Deake Sr. (Dake) and four sons settle in what will become Daketown, Town of Greenfield. The Dake family would later become involved in the manufacture of ice cream and own Stewarts, Inc.


Congregational Church

The Congregational Church of South Greenfield organized.


Greenfield Lands were originally in Albany County

Lands that would become the Town of Greenfield were originally included in Albany County.


Saratoga County map from before Town of Greenfield was formed

The land that would become the Town of Greenfield was formed from parts of the Towns of Saratoga and Milton. Greenfield was first known for a while as Fairfield. Both Fairfield and Greenfield were towns in Connecticut.


Congregational Church: First in Greenfield

Congregational church builds first church meeting hall. Photo from March 19, 1949.


A larger Town of Greenfield formed

A larger Town of Greenfield formed from parts of Towns of Saratoga and Milton. Greenfield was first known for a while as Fairfield. Both Fairfield and Greenfield were towns in Connecticut.


Saratoga County map after Town of Greenfield was formed

This map is dated March 12, 1793 and shows the Town of Greenfield.


First Town of Greenfield meeting held


First Town of Greenfield school

first Town of Greenfield school built somewhere about two miles east of Greenfield Center.


Town of Greenfield final boundaries

The Town of Greenfield reduced in size by about 60% to form the Town of Hadley, which was later reduced to form the Town of Corinth and part of Day.


Asahel Porter

Asahel Porter running a distillery and tannery at Porter Corners.


Town of Greenfield divided into sixteen one room school districts


Old Universalist Church built in Porter Corners


John W. James

John W. James founded James Bank in Jamesville (later called Middle Grove)


Building of Jamesville Baptist Church

Photo shows Jamesville Baptist Church, with Odd Fellows Hall in the background. This church later became known as Middle Grove Baptist Church.


Mt. Pleasant Glass Factory

Oscar Granger builds a glass factory and supporting community in the northwestern part of the Town of Greenfield.


Construction begins on Adirondack Railroad

Adirondack Railroad passed through the Town of Greenfield. Kings Station is pictured here.


Greenfield Grange #807 was founded


Graphite Mine

Graphite discovered and mill built to process the mined graphite.


Middle Grove Fire

Middle Grove conflagration. About 1/3 of the hamlet burns.


First Fire District

The Towns of Greenfield and Wilton form the first Fire District.


School Consolidation

Small one-room Town of Greenfield school closed and children sent to a new “enlarged” Saratoga Springs School District. One-room Daketown School pictured here.


Ground Breaking for Greenfield Elementary School

Greenfield Elementary School was part of the “enlarged” Saratoga Springs School District.

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