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Prepping for the Weekend Snowstorm? Read This!

It looks like winter is coming at last….. that wonderful and messy time of year again. 

During winter months, please know that there is a Town Board ordinance prohibiting parking on the road or within four feet of the pavement. This is so our Highway crew can safely keep the roads clear.  Cars parked on town roads can and will be towed, so please take note!

In addition, trash cans need to be placed in your own driveway or on your own property during winter months, not in the road.

In the unfortunate event that a snowplow inadvertently damages your mailbox, please contact us and we will make it right.

Here is the complete list of snow tips:

  1. Per our Town Board order, please do not park or leave unattended vehicles, trailers or equipment in the road or within four feet of the pavement.
  2. Please do not push snow into or across the street, as it is against the law. (NYS Vehicle Traffic law Article 1219).
  3. Please do not let children play or build snow forts in or near the road.
  4. Please stand back 500 feet from snowplows as they back up often.
  5. If you put snow markers up please put them two feet back from the edge of the road.
  6. Please keep your garbage cans/recyclable cans in your driveway, not in the road. It is helpful, especially during winter months, if you bring the cans back to your house or garage as soon as possible after pick-up.
  7. You may want to wait until our snowplow goes by to clean the last few feet of your driveway. Please remember we often make several trips on the same road during larger storms.
  8. Remove all objects from the town “right of way” (25-30 feet from center line of road) as we are not responsible for damage to snow markers, trash or recycle cans, or portable basketball hoops) from the plow or snow from the plow.
  9. As we do our very best to avoid mailboxes, it does occasionally occur that we hit them. If you believe our snowplow hit your mailbox please Contact Us. If we confirm we damaged the mailbox, we will replace it with a standard box and wood post.

Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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