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If You’re On “Board” With Entertaining Made Easy: Check Out Greenfield’s Social Media Influencer Saratoga Grazing Co.

Our beautiful rural town boasts a number of exemplary businesses, but did you know there is one serving top-notch charcuterie with a side of social media fame? That’s right. Resident Erika Dibble, has taken the Internet by storm with her more than 100,000 followers, which makes her by definition a “macro influencer.”

Dibble never set out to become an influencer. She wanted to take her ability to create beautiful cheeseboards and make a flexible, fun business. But then she took to social media to market and her business took off.

“What started out as guerilla marketing, just seemed to take off and have a mind of its own,” Dibble explained. Her Instagram account started spiraling with her quirky and humorous posting style. Her business came to fruition in 2020 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, when people were looking for something fun to experience in their own homes for entertainment. Today, her business has expanded from Instagram to include Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok. Her work has been featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Pop Sugar (both online) and in First for Women, a magazine circulated at local groceries.

“Charcuterie is perfect for those fun, family life moments being social around the kitchen island,” she said. Dibble’s platters feature cheese, cured meat, fruit, pickles, nuts and more. She also creates customized dessert trays.

“I’m not afraid to be weird and silly,” she said. “I never set out to be a digital creator, it just kind of snowballed into that.”

She began posting daily with images of her charcuterie boards and videos that dared to be silly. She makes up fabulous names for her boards. At Halloween, she has boards called “What Up Witches” and “Trick or Treat Yourself.” At Thanksgiving, they are called “Let’s Get Basted,” “Stuffing My Face,” “Feast Mode” and “Gobble Til You Wobble.” Dibble prides herself on not creating “super-curated” posts and keeping things very real and relatable. Her most successful posts often include stop motion video or time lapses of creating the boards. She is known to dance on camera while prepping her masterpieces.

Dibble said creating the aesthetically beautiful and delicious looking boards is absolutely an art and she loves nothing more than creating a large grazing table for an event because the table is an empty canvas that comes together on the spot. She has become quite efficient with experience in that it takes about 20 mins to prep a medium platter and about an hour to set up a grazing table for 150 people. Check out the photos to see her artistry that certainly speaks for itself, with its themes and creative names. Things are busiest for her during the fall through the New Year. She recalled once prepping 40 boards  in just one day for Thanksgiving.

Medium 16-inch platters run about $145 up to about $225 for an extra-large. Dibble says not only is her work photo worthy, but it allows you to sample many different varieties without a lot of wasted leftovers than if you were to purchase your own products. Orders can be made by email or by filling out an online form which can be found on all the social media sites (@saratogagrazingco). Gift cards are also available.

Dibble works a “ghost kitchen” operation, where she rents from commercial kitchens in the area. She said this allows her to work at times that are convenient for her family and the restaurant, like late at night or early in the morning when the kitchen is not otherwise being used. She meets her customers at public areas to deliver the boards, scheduling different dates and times for pick up before a major holiday. Many customers are local but she attracts customers from all around the Capital Region.

“We love to see residents creatively create successful businesses that work with their lifestyles,” said Town Supervisor Kevin Veitch. “It is incredible to see a  family spread their passion with the world from their home in Greenfield.”

Dibble has lived in Greenfield for nine years and she and her husband Justin have a daughter, son, cat and  and dog. “We have a lovely Greenfield parcel with woods in our backyard,” she said. “Greenfield is so beautiful and I love how friendly and down to earth the people are here. It is the best of both worlds because we have the action of Saratoga but also a beautiful quiet space to ourselves.” Dibble, a former elementary school teacher, serves as secretary for Greenfield Elementary School’s Home School Association, subs at Greenfield Elementary and is a fitness instructor at Pure Barre in Saratoga.

Like her beautiful charcuterie, she seems to like to keep a “full plate.”

This article is meant to inform the residents of Greenfield about local business. The Town of Greenfield does not endorse one business over another. Instead the Town supports all local business and wishes to highlight as many businesses as we can to foster a sense of community and help encourage our residents to shop locally.

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“Charcuterie is perfect for those fun, family life moments being social around the kitchen island. I never set out to be a digital creator, it just kind of snowballed into that.”

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