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Town Board Approves 2024 Budget

2024 Budget Notes
by Principal Account Clerk Cara Parks

Facing continually growing inflation rates since 2022, the Town has set aside additional resources in 2024 to cover the everyday cost of utilities, insurance, gas, diesel, asphalt and the increased costs associated with repairing existing equipment that cannot be readily replaced or upgraded.

Each department included in the budget process was scrutinized to ensure proper funding for the new year.  Where more detail was needed, or needed to be more transparent, additional account designations were set up to make this process cleaner and easier to understand.  Information Technology now has its own accounts, A1680.200 for equipment and A1680.400 for support and software costs.  Additionally, our building contractual account (A1620.400) has now been further broken down to specify utilities, supplies, grounds/maintenance, and Brookhaven maintenance as separate expenses.

Town employees will receive a 3% raise to account for cost of living and some employees received additional monies that are merit based, longevity based, or account for increased work duties.  Further, the Town will continue to offer a CDPHP HMO employee insurance option that the Town can fund entirely, and can reduce health insurance costs significantly when employees move over to this option.  Health insurance costs as currently offered, will increase by 11% in 2024.

A large portion of the General Fund appropriations continues to be the Ambulance contractual line, which has been set at $405,000.  This represents the cost of being part-owner of an ambulance company, along with the Town of Corinth, at a cost of $375,000 in 2024.   An annual lease amount of $30,000 is included to secure the building for the ambulance.

Also considered into the 2024 budget is the use of the Town’s ARPA funds.  The Town of Greenfield has received a total of $788,471 from the US Treasury as ARPA assistance meant for one-time expenses which benefit the function and security of the Town.  To date, approximately $193,500 of these monies has been ear marked.  The improvements included are, the Brookhaven Playground ($83,000); the Town’s website re-design ($25,000); electronic signs for Highway use ($33,000); an electronic sign for the Town Hall ($50,000); and a time clock system for the Town Hall and Highway departments ($2,500).  These purchases were made with the intent to better communicate with Town residents as well as offer additional common areas/safe places and to allow for remote work readiness for Town employees.  In 2024, ARPA monies will be considered for use in replacing the Gradall that the Highway department depends upon to maintain Town roads.  The cost for the new Gradall is $461,978.78 and has been included in the Highway budget.

The proposed tax rate of $2.88 per thousand represents a 2% increase from last year but remains under the Town’s designated Tax Cap.

Here is the 2024 budget.

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